Myles grew up in Dublin in a house with no TV but plenty of musical instruments. He was playing guitar and drums by the age of ten and joined the Westland Row concert band on clarinet at the age of eleven. While pursuing a career as a jockey, an accident caused the loss of the top of a finger. He spent some time learning to play the bass and at twenty one he joined ”The Robbie Walsh Blues Band”. After Robbie retired he encouraged Myles to front his own band, ”The Myle Hy Club”, and has enjoyed the company of Don Baker (Harmonica), Richie Buckley and Carl Gerathy (sax) and basically a who’s who of drummers, guitar players and pianists in Dublin. Myles has been strongly influenced by Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Wilson Picket and BB King among others. So when the opportunity to front the ”The Stars From The Commitments” he was more than happy to leave the bass playing to someone else and concentrate on the vocals.